Research group

The LICTO Research Group consist of staff members of the Windesheim University who together with the lector aim to realise the goals of the group. They all do research to enhance our knowledge about IT and educational innovation. Also they contribute to curriculum development and knowledge dissemination. Currently the research group consist of the following persons:

F. (Frank) Boterenbrood MSc - Information architecture and standardisation in education

R. (Rolf) Bruins MA - IT-governance in education

I.A. (Inge) Strijker MA - Quality of e-learning

W. (Wim) Trooster Ph.D. - Distance learning and virtual worlds in education

Membership profile of the Reseach Group 
To be a member of the LICTO Research Group one should match with the following profile as closely as possible:

1. Academic level of working and thinking
2. Knowledge of research preferably acquired by experience
3. Affinity with one of the topics of the Research Group
4. Proved skills in writing and publishing of texts
5. Ability to work independently
6. Readiness to work in a team
7. Involved in curriculum development in a school or service unit
8. Relevant external netwerk
9. Advanced level of the English language
10. Available two days a week

Work method of the Research Group

1. The research group function as a team.
2. Members perform their research at least one day a week .
3. The second day is available for meetings, information exchange, training, knowledge dissemination, representations, contributions to curriculum development etc.
4. All members are willing to function as a sparring partner for other members.
5. Progress of the research activities is presented frequently.
6. Members contribute to (the realization of) the research plan and the publication plan of the research group.